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We have Temporarily Closed due to health problems!
We will post updates later this Summer for Future Tour Dates! 
Nothing beats spending time on the Water with Family and Friends and our warm Summer days and cool evenings are a fantastic time to be on the water!
The best way to enjoy Social Distancing is to enjoy a Private Tour and we have the Perfect Boat!
We Specialize in Private, Safe, Clean, Beautiful River Tours!
We follow Social Distancing Protocol and keep our boat cleaned, disinfected to give you the perfect Private River Tour experience! 
Avoid the Crowds & Experience the perfect way to enjoy all the beauty of the Tennessee River,  Lake Chickamauga,  the beautiful River Gorge or a trip through the Chickamauga Lock!
Why rent a boat when you can charter our Deluxe Cabin Yacht for less!
Step aboard for your own private tour and
let us be your Designated Captain!
Remember although we do alow social drinking we can not allow any guest to be intoxicated! Please be respectful and drink responsibly!
We also have gift cards available and appreciate all the support!
 Here is more information about our Chattanooga location!
Our private tours are the perfect way to for a couple, family or small group of friends to enjoy a romantic or fun filled day on the beautiful Tennessee River. Scroll down the page  to see all our 5 Star reviews and see how much fun you can have at Blue Heaven River Tours. See why we are known as the "Fun Boat" in Chattanooga!
Hit the Blue Book Your River Tour Button for Prices, Availability, Tour Times and to Book on line! We stay busy so we always recommend advance reservations. However we welcome any and all calls if you want more information on booking a tour on short notice call Captain Wyn at 423-320-3008 for more information and to make your reservation! Our Private Tours are tailor-made for what you want to do! 
Swim, Eat, Drink, Enjoy the History, Float on Floats, Be Romantic, Have Fun, Fish and Explore! Summer is here and it's a Beautiful time to be on the water!
Swimming and raft drifting is only available on our 4 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour tours! No swimming allowed on the two hour tours as there is not enough time to go to the swimming areas!
Ask us about our History Tours, Chicamauga Lock Tours, River Gorge Tours & More!
Prices are based per Tour, Not per Person  Our tours are like owning your own Private Cabin Yacht and with your own Designated Captain and we can do things that no other Tour can do! No gas or insurance to buy, no crowds, no hassels! We know the River so step aboard for the perfect River Adventure!
Each Tour is Private and is limited to 6 Guest on our Climate Controlled Cabin Yacht complete with an onboard restroom and all the comfort and added Floats and Toys to make this the Perfect Private Tour on the Water for your Family or Friends.
Ask us about our (Couple's Special / 2 Passenger Special) 10 % Off on all Private Tours!                                                 

Private River Tours located downtown just down the street from 201 Riverfront Pkwy, within walking distance of the Aquarium and many of the Downtown Restaurants and Hotels!  Click here for directions.

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   Do you want to enjoy a great day on the water! Why just rent a boat when you can enjoy your own private beautiful Cabin Yacht for less! No gas or insurance to buy, no crowds, no hassles! Private Tours that are perfect for intimate and romantic trip for a couple or a fun filled day for family & friends that includes your own designated Captain so you can have a stress free day on the water and do things that no other boat in Chattanooga can do!

Swim, Float, Fish, Eat, Drink, Relax, Party and Explore!

We customize your tour just the way you want it by offering Scenic Echo, History tours as well as tours that not only take you on the water but let you get in the water as well! Many of our guest live in arround Chattanooga while so many others our visiting our beautiful city from around the world. We offer fantastic tours that show off all the Beautiful Waterfront and History of downtown Chattanooga, take you through the Chickamauga Lock where you can rise up 51 feet to Lake Chickamauga to visit all the gorgeous coves, rolling hills and beautiful homes or cruise to the beautiful River Gorge and what many call the Little Grand Canyon! We can accomidate our guest that want a beautiful 2 hour Private Tour on the water or for those that want even more we offer half day to full day tours that let you get in the water and makes you feel like you own your own personal Cabin Yacht and allows you to do things that no other Boat tour in Chattanooga can do! Check out all the wonderful pictures on the Gallery page as well as all our 5 star reviews and pictures on Facebook and Tripadvisor! Come and let Captain Wyn or Captain Kerron take you on a stress free River Adventure in which we are not only your designated Captains, but your ambasadors for Fun in the Sun! (We do have an onboard restroom!)

Check out all our 5 Star reviews on TripAdvisor and FaceBook and see why so many of our Guest tell us that this was their favorite thing to do in Chattanooga!

Click the Blue Book Your River Tour Button for all Prices and Tour Times!

Our Private Tour prices are based on per tour, not per person!

                           Swim, Fish, Float, Eat, Drink, Relax and Explore!

Our Private Tours were created as an affordable way to enjoy all the beauty of the Downtown Riverfront, Bluffview Art District, Adventurous rides through the Lock and to explore the gorgeous scenery of what many call the Little Grand Canyon. 

        Why Rent a Boat when you can Charter a Beautiful Cabin Yacht for Less 

No gas or insurance to buy, no crowds, no hassels!

All with the convenince of being located at the Beautiful Downtown Riverfront!  

Seating is limited to 6 passangers or less for a romantic tour for a couple or an adventurous and fun filled day for family and friends! When you book your Private Tour you pay one price and it covers up to 6 Guest.

Private Tours for up to 6 people
on our Climate Controlled Cabin Yacht with an onboard restroom!
Tour Options

2 Hour   $195.00

4 Hour   $295.00

3/4 Day   $395.00

Full Day   $495.00


We offer History Tours
Chicamauga Lock Tours, River Gorge Tours, Swim, Float, Tube, Party, Fish, Paddleboard, Eat, Drink Relax & Explore Tours! No swimming is allowed on the Two hour tour!



Although we have had the same great prices for many years due to gas

prices there will be 10% Fuel Sir Charge included on all Tours!

(One Price covers up to 6 Guest)

*Couple Special-

(10 % Off on all Private Tours for party of two or less!)



 Tubing cost $25.00 per tube ride fee for adults!

Tubing is temporarily unavailable due to Social Distancing guidelines until further notice. However we do have wonderful floats and swim noodles for relaxing and having fun!

Children under 100 lbs ride two at a time for $25.00

This is due to the wear and tear on the boat, gas

& insurance! Maximum weight limit for Tubing is 200 lbs

Remember,  our Captains work hard and it is definitely

customary that if you enjoy your ride, to please tip your guide!


           Tour Discriptions and Information

Two Hour Scenic History and Fun in the Sun Tour!                         

This tour is a perfect way to see the Downtown Riverfront and explore all the History and Gorgeous Scenery of the begining of the Trail of Tears, Ross's Landing, the Bluffview Art District, Cruise under the Walnut Street Bridge, around Maclellan / Audubon Island all the way to the Chickamauga Dam! Captain Kerron is a history buff that can entertain you with so many fun filled facts on the History of Chattanooga!

(We do not offer swimming or tubing on this tour.)




Click the Blue Book Now Button for Availability, Pricing and Tour Times!


 Two Hour & 4 Hour Sunset Tours and Booze Cruise! For all the beauty of our Two Hour or Four Hour Tour while enjoying the Gorgeous Sunset on the Tennessee River! Ask us about our Sunset Booze Cruize! *Bring a bottle of Wine or your favorite Cocktail and Enjoy!!!


1/2 Day Scenic History and Fun in the Sun Tour:                                 

This tour is perfect for those that want all the Two Hour tour offers, yet gives you a full 4 Hours to enjoy more time on the water. Bring a picnic, pack some snacks and even bring the drinks of your choice and let us be your Designated Captain! Cruize a little further down river and take a dip by Lookout creek or cruise upstream for an adventurous ride up to the Chicamauga Dam! Ask about adding a Tube Ride to your Tour for some extra Fun in the Sun! 

*For our guest who want to experience the 6 Hour Tour in the 4 Hour Tour Time with Rides through the Lock or to the River Gorge please add an additional $50.00 gas charge.



3/4 Day Scenic History, River Canyon or Cruise through the Lock

Swim, Tube, Relax, Fish, Eat, Drink and Explore Tour:                                                                 

This Tour is like owning your own Boat for a 6 hour day out on the water! You get so may choices, whether you want to cruise downstream to the mouth of the beautiful Tennessee River Gorge or take an adventurous ride up through the Chicamauga Lock where you will rise up 56 feet to Lake Chicamauga to explore not only the beauty of the river but the fantastic homes and architeture along with the rolling hills that make our Scenic City so special! Stop for a swim, relax on some floats, because this is not just a tour on the water it is a tour in the water! Jump on a tube, cast out a line or just sit back and enjoy all the beauty of being on the water! We tailor our tours to what you want and whether you want to bring your own picnic or visit a restaraunt on the water we will make this day one everone will love and remember for a lifetime! Add a paddleboard to your tour for some extra family fun! Remember,  there is an additional charge for tubing!




Full Day - Scenic History, River Canyon, Lock, Swim, Tube

Relax, Fish, Eat, Drink and Explore Tour:                                            


This wonderful Tour is everything our 3/4 Day Tour offers and more! Enjoy a full day on the water and not only have the time to Swim, Fish, Tube, Eat, Drink, Relax and Explore but either visit a wonderful restaraunt on the water or have the time to fully relax in a tranquil cove or explore a litte further in to the beautiful River Gorge or through the Lock to Lake Chicamauga! Bring your Sunscreen and we will provide the Fun!



     We can be your one stop connection to your Ultimate Lake and River adventure! Check out all our 5 Star Reviews on TripAdvisor and FaceBook to see all the wonderful pictures that show how much fun your day on the water can be!

Our summer tour boat is located at 201 Riverfront Pkwy in Downtown Chattanooga and is  just a short walk from the Aquarium. So many places to enjoy the beauty of the Downtown waterfront, from the Tennessee River and Nickajack Lake, Lake Chickamauga with fabulous  restaurants. Gorgeous rides in which you can explore Downtown Chattanooga's beautiful architecture all the way to the magnificent Tennessee River Gorge, Nickajack Lake & what many call the Little Grand Canyon or take an adventurous ride up stream through the Chicamauga Lock where you will enter the Lock and be lifted 56 feet up to Lake Chicamauga on what will definitly bring out a little of the engineer and wonder in all of us! 


Located on the Downtown at 201 Riverfront Pkwy offering tours of Downtown Chattanooga, Lake Chicamaugua, Nickajack Lake and the Tennessee River Gorge!


tennessee river tour

 Call Capt. Wyn 423-320-3008  

Take a tour to Downtown and check out all the Beautiful Architecture of the Bluffview Art District and the Aquarium!


 The party is on with and I am your designated Captain!



 Wonderful tour of under the three bridges downtown! Learn about the History of Chattanooga!


We love Aniversaries, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Company Outings

and all your Special Events!


Why Rent a Boat when you can Charter a Beautiful Cabin Yacht for Less!

No Gas or insurance to buy, no crowds, no hassles! 

 (Cabin Yacht Private Tours are perfect for couples

that want that intimate day on the water or can seat

up to Six Guest to accomidate your family and Friends.)

           Ask us how to accomidate Larger parties and Groups!


Please Dare to Compare!


 Blue Heaven River Tours

    Boat Rental

Located Downtown just a short walk from the Aquarium! 

Beautiful Climate Controlled Cabin Yacht with a Restroom!

Able to go through the River Gorge and travel through the Chicamauga Lock with comfortable seating both inside and out & on top of the Fly Bridge!

We are your designated Captain & Tour Guide (Like a Limo on the Water)

No Gas, or insurance to buy on most Tours with the exception of the 4 hour Gorge tour that ha a $50.00 gas fee!

Bring your own cooler with the food and beverage of your choice! No headaches or hassles!

You can Swim, Tube, Eat, Drink, Fish, Relax and Explore

So much more of Beautiful Chattanooga! From the History of Downtown to the River Gorge and the Chicamauga Lock & beyond! We know the River and the lake and can take you on an Adventure that you will remember for a Lifetime!

Ask about our Couple's Special!

Cost: Our Private Two Hour History Fun in the Sun Tour & Booze Cruise is $195.00

Half Day Tours & 4 Hour Booze Cruise are $295.00 

3/4 Day Tour is $395.00 and Full Day $495.00 and there is no gas or insurance to buy on any of our tours!

Check out all our 5 Star Reviews on TripAdvisorand Facebook and see why everone says our Boat Tours are the most memorable and their favorite thing to do in Chattanooga!!!

We appreciate you taking the time to compare & hope to have you all on board soon!



 Don't drive 10 or 15 miles from Downtown just to get stuck on an old pontoon boat with no restroom!

Restroom not available 

Going through the Lock is not available

Your the driver on a River that you may not know!

Don't drink and drive & take a chance of getting a DUI

Captain not included!

Usual Cost  $50 gas

$35 insurance = $85.00

Cooler with ice usualy has a $25.00 Charge

Boat rentals are fun but may be more limited! 

Most boat rentals cost around $200.00 for a Half Day and around $400.00 for a full day. Add the Gas, insurance & fees and you do the math!

Please don't get us wrong, renting a boat is a lot of fun and for larger parties and groups it may be the way to go! If you do rent a boat we can steer you to the best in Chattanooga!

However if you want the ultimate River Adventure where you can ride in climate controlled comfort, travel to all the beautiful attractions, restaraunts and enjoy an adventurous ride through the Chicamauga Lock or into the Tennessee River Canyon then Blue Heaven River Tours may be the right choice for your River and Lake adventure that we know you are going to Love!





 Ask about adding a Paddle Board to any tour for just $50.00


Check out my Beautiful Cabin by clicking the Links at the bottom of the page! To Learn about Snorkel with the Manatee Tours visit our Florida Loacation by clicking the Link to Homosassa!


Tubing is subject to an extra charge and ranges from $25.00 per person per turn. This is due to wear and tear on the boat, gas and insurance requirements.   

 Tubing is also subject to a 200 lb maximum weight limit!

In the some cases we alow 2 children for $25.00 if they ride together and don't exceed a 200 lb weight limit. 


 Semi Private Tours may be available. Minimum Fee may apply for less then 4 guest


Everyone that visits our boat says that the pictures simply don't do it justice! 

Some of the most common comments are how nice it is to be able to enjoy a climate controlled Cabin Yacht. Other comments are that are location is simply beautiful! We are close to Chattanooga and the Downtown attrations as well as conviently located to all the wonderful restaurants and quiet coves of Lake Chickamauga as well!  When you arrive we will do everything we can to make your River and Lake Adventure the best you have ever had. We can take you from the Rolling Hills and beautiful scenery of the Lake all the way through the Lock to Downtown & the Tennessee River Gorge!

 Our tour boat is not your average crowded  pontoon boat. It is a beautiful Cabin Yacht with Airconditioned indoor seating that is climate controlled for your comfort and is equipped with a restroom and comfortable seating for your convenience. It not only has wonderful indoor seating with so many glass windows so you can experience a panoramic view of the River and the Lake. It also has wonderful outdoor seating and a second story Flybridge and sundeck that enables you to see all the sights even better!  We look forward to having you aboard to what so many say can be an awesome experience.  We also offer Sunset tours, Fishing tours. Ask about adding a couple of Kayaks and let your family and friends take turns enjoying the full experience of being on the river. Our location and service will have you wanting to keep coming back!

Also check ot the Links below to see my Beautiful Log Cabins! Breathtaking Views!


 My Beautiful 1 Bedroom Log Cabin in the Clouds

Also check out the Link to find some of our favorite

Places to Eat / Places to Stay / Things to Do in Chattanooga  




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